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    Use Amazon effectively to reach the bestseller lists when you launch

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    Make a difference by reaching more people who need to read your book!

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As The Book Mentor, Karen works with business authors who have had a book inside them for years. They are sick of it being stuck in their head and they are ready to get it out and make it a reality.

You know you have a story, a message, a legacy to leave behind and the Librotas team are here to help you to turn your dream into a successfully published book.

Karen is the author of five bestselling business books, so she knows what it takes to write and publish a book that builds your credibility, demonstrates your expertise and helps you to stand out. She also knows how hard it can be and wants to share many of the lessons she has learnt to save you time, money and heartache.

Download her free book marketing tips to get results with your book NOW!

Karen Williams, The Book Mentor, Librotas