There has been a flurry of thought leadership over the last few years. More and more business owners are striving to get noticed and writing a non-fiction book has become the tool of choice.

Coaches, consultants, trainers, therapists, speakers and other experts are becoming wise to the benefits that a book can give them and their business.

But things have changed hugely in the last ten years. It’s not enough to just write a book anymore. Too many authors are jumping on the bandwagon but are not achieving the results they expected. They struggle to sell their book, reach the right audience, and grow their business from it.

As we move into a new decade, if you want to write and publish a book that sells you and your business, it’s time to do things a different way.

It’s time for you to become an AUTHORITY.

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After writing my first book in 2009, I start this audiobook by focusing on what’s changed in the last ten years. I explore publishing trends, why getting a publishing deal isn’t the only way and how this can be detrimental to your success. And despite the growth in technology, it’s become increasingly difficult to get heard.

With experience of writing and publishing six of my own books and having helped dozens of clients with theirs, I have developed my 10 Authority Principles.

From planning your book to choosing the right team, and writing tips to marketing must-dos, I’ll show you the best way to approach your book, so that it becomes more than an expensive business card.

Becoming An Authority will give you the tools to maximise your book’s impact and success, ensuring that you stand out and show up in the best possible way, and attract more business from writing and publishing it.

20% of profits from the sale of this audiobook will support The Rowan's Hospice in Hampshire. Find out more at

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Reviews for Becoming An Authority

This is the book for you if you're an expert in your field, you have something important to share and you're the one to help people make positive change in their life, their business or the world. 

This book will give you confidence that Karen and her team are the ones to support you bringing your dream alive and it will give you an idea of the journey you will go on with her. 

If you're not ready to hire a book mentor or you're the type of person who prefers to do things on your own, this book will give you an idea of the process the follow to become an author and an authority in your field. 

What are you waiting for? The world needs your book!

Jenni Van Wijk, Founder of Surfing the Sea of Life

I don’t usually consume my business reading in audio format, so this was a bit of an experiment for me. The good news is that Karen’s authority as a book mentor shines through brilliantly in this format. I particularly like the three bite-sized snippets at the end of each chapter, which is helpful when you’re listening rather than reading and can’t so easily flip back and forth.

As an overview of the state of book publishing, for experts who want to establish their credentials in a busy market, this certainly hits the mark. The many case studies illustrate Karen’s points effectively and also enabled me to relate to each topic from my own situation. I very much enjoyed the tone, the wealth of information and the message to be bolder, clearer and to share our own stories as authorities.

With expert, well-informed guidance, this book offers a great source of publishing and business know-how and I’ll certainly be recommending Becoming an Authority to those who want to bring their expertise to a wider audience.

Becky Kilsby, Career Coach and Founder of Freestyle Careers

I can highly recommend Becoming an Authority as an audio book!

Karen Williams takes you through the process of building on your existing skills and career in a step-wise manner. Each step seems achievable and straightforward. And dare I say it, quite obvious! Often the things one needs to do are in plain sight, yet we don't see them until we are guided towards them.
Follow Karen Williams' route map and become the authority you deserve to be!
Jane Langstonco-author of Muscle Testing: A Concise Manual and Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy & Physiology

About Karen Williams

Karen Williams is The Book Mentor at Librotas. Having started out in business in 2006, and writing her first book in 2009, she knows the difference that writing a book can make to your business when done well.

She is known for working with business experts who have a story to tell or a message to share. Karen and her team take their clients from idea to publication, ensuring that they write and publish a book that helps them to attract more clients, raise their credibility and build their business.

Karen is the bestselling author of Becoming An AuthorityBook Marketing Made SimpleThe Mouse That RoarsYour Book is the HookHow to Stand Out in Your Business, and The Secrets of Successful Coaches.

You can regularly find her on podcast interviews, she writes guest blogs for various publications and is a TEDx Speaker.

Karen Williams, The Book Mentor