Are You Ready To Write, Publish and Launch Your Business Building Book?

If you've been talking about writing a book for ages, and now you've reached that point where it has to become a reality, then you are in the right place. 

I'm Karen Williams, the Book Mentor from Librotas, and I'd like to tell you how my team and I can support you every step of the way – from writing and publishing your book, right through to the launch. There are 3 key stages:

1. Getting started: making decisions about which book to write, who to write it for, the basics around the structure of the book, and how to manage your time to write it. 

2. Writing and publishing your book: then there's the actual writing part, which for some is easy, whereas others get stuck and need help organising their thoughts and refining their words. And editing, proofreading, design and publishing is your next step. 

3. Marketing: this vital part is about knowing how to tell others about your book, and how to ensure it truly is the hook to boost your business. Sometimes you will need technical advice and guidance regarding sales pages or online marketing, and for others it is confidence to sell yourself. 

Whether you're writing a business book, self-help guide or memoir, here are the details of all our events and programmes. In addition to the events, you can get one-to-one mentoring to support you from concept to launch.

And the great news is that not only do you get all of my experience, but I also bring in the experts who have helped me. I am delighted to be working in conjunction with Sheryl Andrews, The Strength and Solution Detective, who will help you tune into your own style and eradicate the critic that might hold you back. 

The Librotas team and I look forward to helping you to write, publish and launch your book!


Author's Journey Networking Events: Network with like-minded authors and book lovers

The Author's Journey networking events are a unique space for authors to support and inspire each other. We give you the space to be real and honest about the ups and downs of writing a business book, and talk to experts and experienced authors about how they have overcome similar challenges.

With a mixture of speakers, book writing, publishing and marketing advice, this informal event is the perfect opportunity to share what works and what doesn’t - and why.

It is our hope and aspiration that we can create a community who can tap into each other's skills and resources. If you've already published your book, do get in touch, as we'd love to help you to promote them at the event.

We'll be in Portsmouth on the following dates in 2018: Friday 23 February, Friday 8 June, Friday 19 October.


Make Your Book Happen days

Are you sick of setting time aside to make your book dreams a reality, only to find something or someone distracts you? Do you know that you're getting in your own way, but want 2018 to be the year that you'll finally write your book?

In our recent survey, authors said their greatest struggle was finding time to write their book. It can be hard to allocate time to write, and not get distracted by the wants and needs of others. And some people struggle because when they sit down to write, they find that nothing happens.

That’s why Sheryl Andrews and I have decided to run online Make Your Book Happen days this year. From the comfort of your office or preferred writing location, you can join us for this virtual event to focus on your book.

Whether you're getting started, doing your planning, writing, or editing, this Make Your Book Happen day will kick-start your motivation, unravel what is holding you back, and help you commit to your book for a whole day. And you get us by your side for support, coaching and mentoring, whilst you get on and make your book happen!

2018 dates: Thursday 25 January 2018, Friday 27 April 2018, Wednesday 4 July 2018, Friday 26 October 2018


30 Day Book Marketing Challenge: Let's get your book working for you and your business!

Whether you're starting to think about writing a book, you've sold your first hundred copies, or you have boxes of books to sell, sign up for our online programme and make sure that your book is a success! 

With daily book marketing tips, recorded webinars, Facebook forum, and bonus webinar, the Book Marketing Challenge is an affordable and fun way to get tons of ideas to market your book and get it noticed. 


10,000 Word Summer Book Writing Challenge

The 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge runs each August. It is a unique support network to help you to write your book - whether you want to get off the starting blocks or perhaps over the finish line! 

If you're thinking about writing a business building book or have already started, this is the perfect opportunity to get focused. With 31 days of book mentoring support, live group webinars, and lots of bonuses, give yourself a month to focus on your book, create new habits, and get support each step of the way. 


Writing Retreat in the UK or Spain: Perfect if you have an idea for your book and you never have time to write it

  • 1.

    You've started to develop your ideas for your book but other priorities get in the way of writing it.

  • 2.

    You yearn for some quality time when all you need to focus on is your book.

  • 3.

    You're fed up with putting your book on the backburner and this is the year when you finally want to get it finished.

  • 4.

    You like the thought of getting away from it all and having the headspace to explore your ideas further and the support to make your book happen.

If you're struggling to fit in the time to write and edit your book or develop your marketing plan, then join us for our exclusive writing retreat in the beautiful Andalucian Mountains in South West Spain or the New Forest in Hampshire, UK.

This will give you the chance to get focused on writing your book. You can join us for this 5 night fully-inclusive break to write your book.  

  • You'll get the time to write and the mentoring support to make sure this time is productive, as well as pre and post retreat guidance to make the most from the retreat.
  • Should you get stuck, you'll have help to focus on what needs to happen and the perfect environment to recharge your batteries at the same time.
  • You can spend time working on your book guilt-free with beautiful scenery to help you to be creative.

You want to write, publish and market your book but prefer hand holding, accountability and one-to-one support 

  • 1.

    Your goal is to write and publish your book and you want one-to-one support to turn your concept into reality.

  • 2.

    You can't see the wood for the trees, and want to work with someone who can guide you through each step of the way.

  • 3.

    You want a programme that's tailor made to your needs and having accountability will keep you on track and give you the best results.

  • 4.

    You'd like support to write your book, AND want help to get it published without faffing around and having to do it all yourself.

Working one-to-one is for you if you want the expertise of my team and I to support, inspire, and even take the pressure off by doing some of the leg work for you. You can find the full details here.

I only take on a limited number of one-to-one clients because they get my attention and commitment to make their book happen.

If you are truly serious about making your book happen, or you've tried doing it by yourself and it is just not working, then let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for each other. Packages start from £4,000 plus VAT. With a choice of book mentoring packages available, you can choose the package that best works for you. 

If you're not yet sure which is the best option for you and want to talk through the programmes, then just complete this questionnaire and book in a time in my diary to have a strategy call with me. I look forward to helping you with your book.

Full event terms and conditions can be found here.


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