Book Mentoring

Are you writing a business building book, self-help guide or your memoir?

Our team at Librotas can help you at all stages of your book - from planning, writing and business support, editing/proofreading, publishing, marketing, book launch and PR.

There are various ways you can work with us.

You can check out our online programmes and every August you can join us for the 10,000 word summer book challenge.

We run regular Make It Happen days where you can join us virtually for a day to work on your book, when you're supported to make your book happen.

We run writing retreats in the UK and Spain, so that you can get time away and the space - and recharge your batteries at the same time.

And you can read on for details of our 121 book mentoring and publishing programmes.

One-to-one book mentoring and publishing

One-to-one mentoring programmes are offered upon application only where my team and I work intensively with you to go from your idea to a published book in 9-12 months.

We start with a day together to plan your book, scope out your content and start focusing on your book marketing, so that you leave with a comprehensive plan of how to get started and the proposed date of your launch.

During the next 9-12 months, you’ll get regular support, accountability and mentoring to write, publish and promote the right book that will support and grow your business, ensuring that you align your message and leverage your expertise.

There are three options available.

The original Book Mentoring programme will give you support to plan, develop and write your business building book, taking you from your initial idea to manuscript, with support alongside this to develop your business, marketing and launch strategy.

If you'd like to publish your book through Librotas Books, then the Book Mentoring and Publishing programme gives you everything in the original programme plus everything you need to get published - full review of your manuscript, editing/proofreading, design, publishing and distribution of your book both in print and e-Book.

And if you'd like the full monty, select the Ultimate programme, which includes additional mentoring support, personalised bestseller launch plan and a month of PR with Bookollective, so that you're ready to launch your book with a bang!

NB If you have already launched your book and are simply looking for marketing and launch support, or if you want help to get published, then contact me to chat further.

Please contact us to discuss the right programme for you. You can apply for a free book strategy call here.

Prices correct as of 1 November 2017.

Mentoring fees are either paid up front or monthly by direct debit via Gocardless.

Payment plans are available for the Mentoring, Publishing and Ultimate packages – £1200 deposit followed by £600 x 5 monthly payments (Book Mentoring), £1200 deposit followed by £600 x 11 monthly payments (Publishing) and £1500 deposit followed by £800 x 11 monthly payments (Ultimate). Plus VAT as applicable.

Mentoring calls are generally taken online via Zoom, Skype or via telephone and planning days are generally face-to-face in Hampshire or London.

¹ Includes editing and proofreading of manuscripts up to 50,000 words.

² Cover design includes up to one royalty free image.

³ Includes interior design for manuscripts of up to 50,000 words. You will receive 3 design concepts to choose from and the price includes two rounds of revisions. Includes placement of up to 50 images.

⁴ Print costs are extra and books can be ordered at cost price direct (70% royalties for online sales and 100% profit from author sales).

⁵ Legal deposit of book with the British Library when published through Librotas Books.

A bespoke proposal can be put together for manuscripts over 50,000 words.

Extras include developmental edits, creation of professional illustrations, production of a hardback book, updates to online listing after initial book listing and any further edits, audio book recordings, and PR packages. Internal colour is also available but will increase the cost of your books.

Publishing packages include publishing under the Librotas Books brand. Should you wish to create your own publishing imprint, this can be available upon request for an additional charge.

NB If you have already written your book but would like support during the publishing phase, please contact me for details of an abridged version of the publishing package.

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