Interview with Azmina Jiwa, author of FREEDOM to Be Me

Azmina Jiwa

Azmina Jiwa started writing her book five years ago. Four chapters in, she got stuck. It would have been so easy for her to put it aside, never to do anything with it, but she took action to make it happen. She engaged myself and the Librotas team for help with every part of the process. We…

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Karen is a fantastic Book Mentor

“I mean it when I say, that I think Karen is a fantastic book mentor.  Prior to working with her, I thought I’d written my book, but it was actually a jumble of stories. One of the first things that Karen helped me do was to untangle all of my ideas and turn them into…

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Writing a book had been on my bucket list – and now I’m published!

Kevin Stansfield

Writing a book was on Kevin Stansfield’s bucket list, and in 2010 he attended his first book writing workshop. Although he wrote 10 chapters quickly, it wasn’t long before he hit a brick wall and the book ground to a halt. He worked on the book in his spare time, but it wasn’t finished or published. Then…

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I went from stuck and procrastinating to writing 60,000 words in a month

Steve Preston - The Career Catalyst

I recently interviewed Steve Preston, the Career Catalyst. After writing and publishing his first 2 books, he was struggling with his third. Last summer he was feeling stuck and fed up with procrastinating, and decided to sign up for the 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge. The challenge was the catalyst that helped him to get his focus…

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I didn’t write one book, I wrote two!

When Helen Monaghan became a client to write her first book, she didn’t just write one book, she wrote two! Now’s she’s writing a third and an accompanying workbook to her second book. Like many of my clients, Helen has dreamed of writing a book for many years. She knew that she wanted to help…

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I sold 200 copies before I published!

I’ve recently been talking about how I can help you to plan, write, publish and market your book. I’ve can offer you books, online programmes, events, retreats and one-to-one mentoring. But don’t just take my word for for I can help you.  A few of my clients have kindly given their time to tell you…

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Our book would never have got off the ground without Karen

Karen Williams Interviews Louise Wiles

“Without Karen our book would never have got off the ground!” “A mix of the one-day book planning session and coaching calls led us through the process of definition and then writing. What is powerful about Karen’s approach is that the book writing sits firmly within the context of business development. If you want to…

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Karen gave me the sharpness and focus I needed

Fiona Chapman - Author of The Chapwell Method

“Karen gave me sharpness and focus I needed and can highly recommend it.” “I’m now clearer on my message and my niche market, which has helped me to focus. It has been a very worthwhile kick up the bum! I could have spent the rest of my life writing this book if it wasn’t for Karen.…

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Having a partner encouraging me helped me to write my book

“Having a partner was really important to me and having the encouragement to get the book done has been invaluable. Karen gave me the short-cuts with her expertise. She’s done the legwork so I didn’t have to, as I didn’t want to learn the technical stuff. This was an amazing plus for me. We worked together on a plan which…

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