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21 Days to Manage your Critic starts today

I’d like to remind you that we’re live at 1pm today, Monday 11 January, for the Manage your Critic 21 day online programme. Before I remind you of the bonuses that we’re offering, I’d like to share a personal story. I almost didn’t publish my latest book The Mouse That Roars.

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Manage your critic – new podcast

Fed up of your critic stopping you from achieving what you want in your business? Then listen to this podcast with myself and Sheryl Andrews, The Strength and Solution Detective, where we share our stories and introduce you to the 21 Day Manage your Critic programme that starts in January 2016. Here’s the link to listen…

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What really stops people from writing a book

When I ask people about their challenges in terms of writing a book, most people say that they don’t know where to start, don’t have the time, and are struggling to turn their ideas into content. But… is this the real thing that stops them from writing a book? From working with my clients, talking…

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