I didn’t write one book, I wrote two!

helen monaghanWhen Helen Monaghan became a client to write her first book, she didn’t just write one book, she wrote two! Now’s she’s writing a third and an accompanying workbook to her second book.

Like many of my clients, Helen has dreamed of writing a book for many years. She knew that she wanted to help more people, and with limited time available, writing books was the perfect solution.

And after reading the first chapter of Your Book is the Hook, she hired me for support to write them!

Helen Monaghan

A finance and business coach, Chartered Management Accountant, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, Helen combines her accounting skills with psychology to give her readers books that help them feel better about money, thus giving them a business that financially supports them and their family. She is the author of Successful Business Minds and the eBook 12 Steps to Improve your Cashflow.

helen monaghanIn our interview, Helen talks about the challenges and successes she’s had with her books. Having been Helen’s book mentor for some time now, I know how her books have helped her, her clients and her business, despite having fears when she started.

  • She has become clearer on her processes and what she does.
  • She knows the value that she adds to her clients and how she can give them more.
  • She has put more attention on how to market her book and how she can use her book to reach more people.
  • She has become more confident to get her message out there through blogs, talks and networking events.
  • She is collaborating with other coaches and accountants to add value to each other.
  • The books have helped her to identify what makes her different, and she is now known for being so much more than an accountant.
  • She turned her dream into reality by believing in herself and making the books happen!

She also talks about what she learnt when working with me one-to-one and the value she got from attending the book marketing weekend. She also shares how the writing retreat in Spain gave her the space and time to focus on her books, built momentum to move forward effectively, and how our conversations over lunch and dinner generated more ideas.  And she has already booked to come back to Spain again this year!

Her biggest advice is this: “Write a book! Just do it. Stop dreaming. Stop making excuses and go for it!”

You can read Helen’s tips on getting a return on investment from your book, which she wrote for one of my blogs last year here and you can listen to our interview below.

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