It’s never too late to work with the Book Mentor

Gina Visram“Karen and I started to work together at the latter stages of writing the book. It was actually being proof read at that time. I’m glad we worked together as it made a massive difference to the final output even at that stage. She helped me to develop my signature system that works and brought everything together.”

“Writing a book has been a great business card, and it automatically gives you a sense of authority and a talking point. There is something still very special about writing a book that people respect, which has helped with the authority in my business.  It starts to answer the ‘why me’ question and because I have the book and the 7 step signature system that I’m really proud of. Moving forward, it’s the basis of a programme I’m developing.”

“Karen supported me with my actual book launch in London. She also helped with the nuts and bolts and the strategy for my Kindle launch earlier this year, and it got to number 1 in one of its categories. Now I’m working with Karen again to support me with my ongoing marketing and my second book!”

Listen to my interview with Gina here.

Gina Visram, Limitless Coaching and author of Happily Ever After for Grown-ups

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