Author Spotlight interview with Jenny Gordon

Jenny Gordon first worked with the Librotas team at our writing retreat in Spain in 2019. Although whilst navigating the COVID-19 period, she realised that she had to write a different book before the one she was originally planning to write.

Her book was about comparisonitis. During the pandemic she felt it was inappropriate to launch a book focused on a ‘contagious disease’, and her own business model had to change overnight.

Jenny created an online course, and it made sense to create her first book from this material. Jenny is a great example of the ‘build the plane as you fly it’ process that I teach in the Smart Author System programme, where you write your book alongside creating a course using similar content.

As she ran the course, she started to model her own process. She began to find out what she did that people loved. I encouraged her to ask her clients to be featured in case studies that went into her book.

In this conversation with Sheryl Andrews, Jenny shared her book writing journey. You can watch the interview below or listen to the audio here.

What Jenny Gordon learnt from writing her book

In the interview, Jenny used this metaphor:

Ideas for her are like a flock of sheep going off in all directions around a field. You try and guide them in the right directions and you worry about them falling off a cliff. Engaging Karen was like finding a sheep dog who would let her run around the field and then gently guide her to where she needed to be!

Here are some of the other things she learnt on her journey.

  • Get feedback from your ideal readers, as this will help you to hone your ideas. Make sure you are writing the right book for the market now, and it’s OK if it takes a while to work out which book you need to write. It’s better than writing the wrong book!
  • If you are someone that has hundreds of ideas, get help. As the structure you may have for your book may not be as detailed as the one that you need to get it written.
  • After 15 years of telling people she was writing her book, Jenny has finally got her first book written and has started her second. She says ’embrace the identity of being a writer/author’ and ends with ‘there is no better time than now’!

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