Interview with Azmina Jiwa, author of FREEDOM to Be Me

Azmina Jiwa started writing her book five years ago. Four chapters in, she got stuck.

It would have been so easy for her to put it aside, never to do anything with it, but she took action to make it happen. She engaged myself and the Librotas team for help with every part of the process. We spent a day planning her book, then we supported Azmina with the writing process (and she joined us on the writing retreat in 2017), then the publication and launch.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I’m delighted that Azmina has published her first book, FREEDOM to Be Me, which we promoted at The Maximise Conference in Cheltenham last week.

I recently interviewed Azmina Jiwa about her author’s journey. You can  listen to the interview here or watch via YouTube below.

In our interview, Azmina talks about what got in her way when she was writing her book – the main areas being fear and self-sabotage – and how everything changed when she realised how she writes at her best and worked with Sheryl Andrews on the writing retreat last year.

She shares her biggest successes to date, one of which was raising enough money at her book launch to feed and educate 70 children in Kenya for a month. The others have included being featured in publications across the globe and she has many speaking engagements lined up. She has also found that people are already recommending it to others. Not bad, considering that she only published just over a month ago!

Azmina’s top author tips

I asked Azmina to give her top tips for authors, which are:

  1. Have a good plan for your book.
  2. Find out how you work at your best.
  3. Be aware of your inner critic and when it might get in your way.
  4. Keep going, even if it’s just baby steps.

You can find out more about Azmina and order her book here.

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