Book writing client successes

I’d like to congratulate three of my 121 clients who have published their books in June.

It’s not easy writing a book. Many people struggle to get started and even more people start but never finish.

So let me introduce you to my clients and their books.

Thriving Abroad by Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson

Earlier this month, Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson published Thriving Abroad. After working with me on their book in 2015-16, they won a publishing deal last year, and their book is now available on Amazon. It a comprehensive guide aimed towards individuals relocating abroad, and organisations with an international mobility policy who wish to better support their employees.

Librotas Books

You may know that earlier this year, we set up Librotas Books, the publishing arm of Librotas, and we are delighted to have published our first two client books this month.

The Big Dipper by Kevin Stansfield

Kevin Stansfield has published The Big Dipper, and I was at his launch party last week. Already receiving rave reviews, Kevin’s book was 5 1/2 years in the making, so I’m delighted to see it happen. It is loosely based on his father’s story of buying a business off a guy in a pub, interspersed with business tips and actions, bringing in Kevin’s 10 plus years of being a successful business coach.

How to be a Lady Who Leaves by Emma Heptonstall

I was in York on Thursday evening for Emma Heptonstall’s book launch party for How to be a Lady Who Leaves.

Emma is the Divorce Alchemist and is known for supporting ladies through the maze of getting divorced, and this book is full of practical advice on everything you need to know about getting divorced, legal considerations, finances, children and more.

You’ll hear from these lovely clients in the coming weeks as I’ve asked them all to do a podcast interview with me.

And I wish them the greatest success with their next steps.

Want to be like Louise, Evelyn, Kevin and Emma?

And lastly, if you’d like to be like Louise, Evelyn, Kevin and Emma, then do contact me to have a chat, as I’d love to help you to turn your book dreams and ideas into a published book that you’re proud of!

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