Book publishing

The problem with book publishing today

It’s easier than ever to write your book and get it published. But there’s a big problem with this. Sure it’s great that with the ever-evolving digital age, it’s easier to tell your story, share your wisdom and communicate what you have to say. But many get lost in the melee of people who are…

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Why writing your book won’t happen

We recently introduced Make It Happen days. The idea is that you schedule a whole day to focus on your book. Not only do you make the commitment to writing your book, you get us by your side to help you if you get stuck and give you coaching and mentoring to allow you to…

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How Can I Publish My Book?

How Can I Publish My Book

I was recently asked: How can I publish my book? These days it’s easier than ever to publish a book. Whereas in the past you had to get an agent or send your proposal and a few chapters to a traditional publisher – hoping to avoid the slush pile – things have definitely changed in the…

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Writing a book had been on my bucket list – and now I’m published!

Kevin Stansfield

Writing a book was on Kevin Stansfield’s bucket list, and in 2010 he attended his first book writing workshop. Although he wrote 10 chapters quickly, it wasn’t long before he hit a brick wall and the book ground to a halt. He worked on the book in his spare time, but it wasn’t finished or published. Then…

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Book writing client successes

Book Writing Client Successes - Karen Williams with Kevin Stansfield

I’d like to congratulate three of my 121 clients who have published their books in June. It’s not easy writing a book. Many people struggle to get started and even more people start but never finish. So let me introduce you to my clients and their books. Thriving Abroad by Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson

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Introducing Librotas Books

When I rebranded as the Book Mentor, Librotas, I had a dream to set up a one stop shop for business authors, where I could provide all the support they would need to plan, write, publish and market their books successfully. And to some extent I did. I had a team in place that could…

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What makes a good book title?

I was recently agonising over the book title for my next book. I had a working title, but as I did my final edits, I found it didn’t fit anymore, and I was starting to call it ‘The Book With No Name‘. Although I had many ideas, none of them were giving me the wow…

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I sold 200 copies before I published!

I’ve recently been talking about how I can help you to plan, write, publish and market your book. I’ve can offer you books, online programmes, events, retreats and one-to-one mentoring. But don’t just take my word for for I can help you.  A few of my clients have kindly given their time to tell you…

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