What happens between starting to write your book AND finishing and publishing it?

What’s the link between retirement, happiness, starting a food business, doing your tax return and email marketing?

These are all topics for books that have been written by some of our authors, and have just been or are about to be published at Librotas.

They are all books that could have easily stayed on the back burner and never been turned into a reality.

So, what happens between starting to write your book to actually finishing, publishing and launching it successfully? Here are some of the things that our clients have done.

1. They get accountability and direction

The biggest thing that stops many people from writing their book is that they don’t know how to get started.

All of these authors got accountability and direction by engaging a book mentor. This ensured that they had a plan to get their book done, had advice on the journey, and accountability to stay on track.

Whether you get one-to-one support or join a group programme (like our new Author’s Journey Mastermind), then you’ll have everything you need to get your book started and finished.

2. They’re clear on what their book is about and what it’ll do for their business

The problem that many authors face is that they have so much knowledge to share that they don’t know which topic to focus on first. Or they get tied up in knots trying to write everything they know in one book.

When we work with clients, we start by dissecting what they’re writing. So that if there are multiple topics and ideas, we look at how these feed into multiple books. Otherwise you’ll struggle to get started or finished, or get stuck because you don’t know what to write next.

3. They’ve made their book a priority

To write a book, first you need to make the decision that it’s a priority in your life. There will be early starts, light bulb moments when you least expect it, and it will take time to get it out there.

  • You need to carve time out in your diary on a regular basis and then you need to use this time to focus on your book.
  • You need a realistic plan to both write it, edit it and allow time for it to be published (not forgetting marketing as well!)
  • And you need to know how and when you’ll make your book happen, so that you can celebrate each milestone you meet on your journey.

If you think you can’t fit it in, then let me tell you that one of our clients has both written her book AND had a baby since starting it in August last year!

4. They know what steps to take and when (and who can help them)

The value of working with a book mentor is that we will guide you along the process. There are many steps involved with getting your book out there, so being handheld every step of the way will help you to avoid the pitfalls. You’ll take the right step at the right time, so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

And if you can’t afford or don’t want to work with a book mentor on a one-to-one basis, get help from experts to get your book out there, so that you don’t have to do everything yourself. You could join our new Mastermind group, or – if you do nothing else – get a copy of Your Book is the Hook to guide you on your journey.

We also have a team of people who can help you on your journey, whether you want a PR team on board, wish to engage an editor, or want an amazing cover that will knock everyone’s socks off!

5. They’ve had the courage to share their stories and wisdom

It’s not easy writing a book, especially if you’re sharing some stories and expertise that people haven’t heard before. You’re being vulnerable and that can be difficult. When something is in black and white, it’s there forever, and it’s important that you’re willing to stand behind what you’re writing.

If you’re sharing your wisdom and knowledge, you may be unsure of how much to share, what to include and what to leave out.

If you’re sharing your story, you may need to get permission from those who have been part of your journey, and you may need to be brave with some of the things that you’re sharing.

6. They get feedback on their journey

One of the biggest things that scares many authors is sharing their book with other people. If nobody else has read your book, then sending it out for peer review and/or putting it on sale is scary.

That’s why some clients will seek out cheerleaders in the early stages for feedback or work with a book mentor (or both) to motivate them on their journey. Lesley Pyne – who is pictured with her book on this page – did both of these, and this was invaluable for boosting her confidence and helping her to get it done.

The difficulty with feedback is that you have to tell people what you want, otherwise it could easily stop you from continuing if the feedback is particularly soul destroying.

The reality is that whatever book you’re writing, you may wonder what people may say and whether people will like it, so having supporters on board who know what you’re going through is key to staying on track with your book.

7. They get support in the event of a wobble 

All authors have a wobble every now and then. And having someone who can support them and guide them is essential for success. Otherwise you could spend days, weeks or months doubting yourself and putting your book on the back burner rather than facing the next daunting task.

That’s why we have a great team of people to support our authors and guide them through the whole process, including Sheryl who helps people to manage their critic!

8. They are focused on the end goal of getting their book in their hand

Whether they got a mock up of their book cover or visualised their book launch, all of our authors had the goal of actually getting their book finished and in their hand.

Believing that it is possible is one of the first steps to success and knowing how to do it is the next. They know why they’ve done it and they know how they’ll reap the rewards when they’ve published.

9. They have a launch plan

Our most successful authors have had a plan for their launch. They do an Amazon launch following the Book Launch Blueprint, they hold a book launch party, they arrange PR or speaking gigs when their book is launched, and they do everything they can to make a noise with it.

Just finishing your book and publishing it, without telling people about it, will simply be a waste of time. Check out Book Marketing Made Simple for more ideas!

10. They have a plan for after their book is published

It’s also important to note that the launch of your book isn’t just about your launch date. Your book has longevity and having a marketing plan for after your launch is essential.

You may be like Lesley Pyne who utilised the power of PR to get her message across numerous magazines, podcasts and radio to reach more people with her book.

You may be like Emma Heptonstall who used her book as the platform for her online programmes and high level 121 coaching, and PR has certainly helped her too.

Claire Brumby is using her book to get known in her area of expertise and at the time of writing this blog, she was planning her book launch and has already been approached as a judge and a speaker in her expert niche.

Or you may be like Louise Herrington who wants to use her book as the springboard to grow her team, so that she can do more of what she loves through online programmes and writing more books.

Do you want to ensure that your writing finally turns into a published book?

By popular request, this September, we’re launching a pilot group programme called The Author’s Journey Mastermind. To inspire more people to write AND publish their books, we know that this is a great way to support them. With fortnightly coaching calls, a monthly educational, a quarterly Make It Happen day and peer support, this will help you to do all of the above and more.

We launch officially in January 2019 and will be running a pilot from September – November 2018. To find out more and sign up, click this link.


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