Interview with Nii Boi-Dsane, author of ‘Retire Well’

When Nii Boi-Dsane started speaking to people about retirement, he found that, for many of them, this concept is a big issue.

A transformation life coach with a keen interest in health and retirement, Nii realised that he needed to write a book about it.

So he did.

Author Spotlight interview with Nii Boi-Dsane

In this Author Spotlight interview, I spoke to Librotas author Nii Boi-Dsane, author of Retire Well. In our interview, we talked about some of the highs and lows of writing a book.

Despite having ideas and a drive to write his book, it took Nii three years to condense his ideas. He quickly found out that writing is one thing and writing a book is another!

When Nii was introduced to me last year, he had the bones of his book. Although he had a huge amount of knowledge and had done his research, his biggest challenge was structure. So we worked together to ensure that the book led from idea to idea, the book flowed, and became an easy read.

I worked with Nii to take him from this very first draft to his final polished manuscript. And earlier this year, my team and I helped him to publish Retire Well through Librotas Books with our editing, design and publishing services.

Having very recently published his book, his biggest success so far has been his own journey of learning. In our interview, Nii says “I am now confident on any aspect of retirement, and can talk about it on any platform. I’ve done my work and have been rigorous about my approach”.

I find that this is often one of the unexpected benefits of writing a book, as you get so clear on your topic and become an authority.

In our interview, Nii told me about a very welcome piece of feedback that he has just received from his former professor, who couldn’t put his book down!

Nii’s book writing and publishing advice

I asked Nii for three pieces of advice to help you on your book writing journey. He said:

  1. Know your subject.
  2. Know what you know and what you don’t know.
  3. Where you need help, ask for it. Get a coach. Get a mentor. Don’t try and do everything by yourself.

You can watch the video on YouTube below or listen to the audio recording here.

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