If you’re writing or thinking of writing your book – call Karen

Karen was my mentor when I wrote my book How To Be a Lady Who Leaves.

Writing a book is something that I’d had on my ‘to do list’ for a while, and when I was ready, Karen supported me to map it out and guided me all the way through, keeping me focused and accountable. When my motivation or confidence was low, she was there encouraging me to keep going. I’m so glad and grateful that she did- the finished book is more than I ever dreamed that it could be.

Initially, I saw my book as just another marketing tool to promote my divorce coaching business, but Karen’s invaluable help and support allowed me to believe that my book could be so much more.

The support of Karen’s team at Librotas meant that all I had to do was write – proofreading, copy editing, typesetting and design were all taken care of… I didn’t need to think about anything other than writing.

Once the book was published, I then went on to work further with Karen with regard to my book’s launch on Amazon and it became an Amazon Bestseller in the category of Family Law and Health. I’m delighted.

Working with Karen enabled me to turn my dream of writing a book using my extensive knowledge and expertise into a reality. If you’re writing or thinking of writing your book, Karen will support and guide you from initial concept to published article. Call her – you’ll be glad you did.

Emma Heptonstall, The Divorce Alchemist, author of How to be a Lady Who Leaves

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