Writing a book had been on my bucket list – and now I’m published!

The Big Dipper by Kevin StansfieldWriting a book was on Kevin Stansfield’s bucket list, and in 2010 he attended his first book writing workshop.

Although he wrote 10 chapters quickly, it wasn’t long before he hit a brick wall and the book ground to a halt. He worked on the book in his spare time, but it wasn’t finished or published.

Then in 2016, we were introduced to each other, and I became his book mentor. With weekly calls, he now had accountability, support and direction to get his book done. And earlier this year, my team and I published his book.

The Big Dipper: How to Survive the Rollercoaster Ride of Business Ownership was published in June 2017. Listen to our recent interview to find out more.

Inspired by authors such as Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy and Stephen Covey, Kevin’s book is different from the typical business book. It is parable in style, loosely based on his father’s journey of buying a business of a guy in a bar, and the subsequent experiences that the character experienced. Each chapter has a story, lesson and 3 key actions.

So what helped him to finish and publish The Big Dipper?

Kevin StansfieldWhen I started supporting Kevin as his book mentor, the first thing we did was work on a plan to give him focus, before he picked up the book and started to write it again.

We worked with an amazing illustrator as we went through the chapters. As we also did the publishing of The Big Dipper with my team at Librotas Books, this took the pressure off Kevin, and the book sold out within the first week!

Already a successful Action Coach, Kevin has found that his new book has raised his credibility further, and has helped to build trust with potential new clients.

And Kevin’s biggest pieces of advice in our interview?

  • Get a great book coach.
  • Be clear on your why as this will carry you through.
  • Set deadlines to make your book happen.

Listen to the interview below and you can get a copy of Kevin’s book, The Big Dipper at www.thebigdipperbook.com and on Amazon.

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