10 ways to make money from writing a book

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Writing a book takes a lot of time, right?

And what happens? You start with good intentions to write your book then life gets in the way. Attracting client work takes priority as you can see how that can bring in an income to your business, and the book keeps on going on the back-burner.

Sound familiar?

So how would you like to see how you can make money from writing your book at all stages – whether you’re still writing it, are in the finishing stages or have already launched it? 

In this blog, I’ll show you 10 ways to make money from writing a book. I hope this gives you the focus you need to finish and launch your book!

1. Pre-sell or crowdfund your book

In my new book, Book Marketing Made Simple, there are two chapters dedicated to these topics. Both are certainly something to consider if you’re self-publishing your book and you want to raise money for publishing.

2. Build your community early

It’s never too early to build a community of people who are interested in what you have to say. Then by the time you launch your book – or pre-sell or crowdfund it – you’ll have a hungry crowd who can’t wait to buy a copy. Plus if you take the time to nurture your community, you may well attract new clients interested in working with you way before you publish.

3. Create different ways to access your book

When you publish your book, have it available as a printed book, e-book and audio book to maximise your readership. This is easy to do when you have the right team in place – and it’s something that my team and I can help you with – and you’ll probably find that some of your readers will buy your book in multiple formats if they enjoy it.

4. Promote your book at every opportunity

There are dozens of ways to promote your book. In the early stages, share snippets on your blog, in your newsletter and talk about it on social media. Once published, share reviews, ask others to share photographs of them with your book, and share quotations direct from your book. Oh and remember to always lead to your sales page!

5. Hold a book launch

When you’ve published your book, please don’t lose steam. When you have a good plan (which I talk about in my new book!), having a physical book launch party or Amazon launch, where you have extensive support from others, will help you to reach more people when you launch your book.

6. Give away your book

Although this may feel counter-intuitive, giving away copies of your book strategically (as I mentioned in a recent blog) will help you to get a greater reach, thus attracting more interest in what you have to say. This may be to people who are willing to endorse your book, review it, share it with their community or engage you as a speaker.

7. Sell your book

It goes without saying that you need to sell your book. Of course, ensure it’s on Amazon and all good book stores, but also sell your book at networking events, speaking engagements and via your website – and any place where you can promote it authentically.

8. Turn your book’s content into other products

Why not make two books out of one set of content by producing a workbook based on the content of your book? Not only could you use this as a valuable bonus at events, you can sell it to accompany your book. You could also turn the content into an online programme or physical event.

9. Look for opportunities – everywhere!

When you look for them, you’ll find lots of opportunities to promote your book and your business. Who do you know who may be able to support you? Things like telesummits, speaking engagements, TV and radio appearances and other PR, TedX talks and more are great chances to get in front of more people.

10. Write guest blogs, vlogs magazine articles

When you’ve got your book, you’ll have lots of content to multipurpose and turn into articles that will help you to build your business. Think about guest blogging, pitching articles to magazines, or even videos that could go viral. All of these are things that will help you to get a bigger reach and make money from your writing and expertise.

Want to make money from your writing?

There are various ways that we can support you with your book marketing and helping you to generate an income from your valuable content.

Book Marketing Made Simple – get a copy of my latest book where I’ll give you hints and tips to promote your book from the day you start to write it until after your book’s launch.

Book Marketing Challenge – April’s challenge is now available as a low-cost online programme. Get 30 easy to implement tips and 4 webinars that go into more detail into the great book marketing strategies.

Or contact me for 121 support.

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