How to successfully launch a book [week 8 – Book Marketing Planner]

Can you believe it’s almost September? I’m gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of not just one, but two new books: the Book Marketing Planner and the second edition of Book Marketing Made Simple!

Now, you might be wondering, why on earth would anyone write more than one book at a time? Well, guess who’s ready to break the rules and dive into this exhilarating journey headfirst? That’s right – yours truly!

In the upcoming edition of Book Marketing Made Simple, I introduce a new topic into the ‘Produce Products and Programmes’ chapter – companion books.

After the whirlwind launch of the Smart Author System, I couldn’t resist the urge to create the Business Book Planner and the Book Writing Journal. And voilà, it suddenly made perfect sense to pair these gems with my latest creation.

Introducing the Book Marketing Planner – your ultimate toolkit to craft a marketing strategy that’s as unique as your book. Brace yourself for prompts that will ignite your creativity, questions that will spark aha moments, and ample space to pen down your ideas. This planner isn’t just about dreaming; it’s about turning those dreams into a concrete, actionable book marketing plan.

Curious to know more? Watch this video and I’ll give you an insight. And if you’ve missed any of the exciting videos leading up to this launch, you can catch them all on my blog.

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