The problem with book publishing today

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It’s easier than ever to write your book and get it published. But there’s a big problem with this.

Sure it’s great that with the ever-evolving digital age, it’s easier to tell your story, share your wisdom and communicate what you have to say. But many get lost in the melee of people who are doing the same thing as them.

On a positive note, you don’t have to battle through the gatekeepers at the publishing houses, hope your manuscript doesn’t hit the slush pile, or feel frustrated getting multiple nos from people holding your future in their hands.

The right book can and will raise your profile, build your credibility and help you to get noticed. But because it’s so easy, too many people are doing it badly.

Some write books that are not aligned to their marketing message, so it doesn’t help them to reach the right audience.

Others fail to start with the end in mind. They forget the importance of getting clear about what they want their book to do for their business. And then ensuring that this is reflected in the end product.

A few try and do everything themselves. Then they end up with a poorly published book that doesn’t do them or their business any justice.

The thing is… If you want to write a book you need to do it well.

Writing is a craft that can learned and mastered, so long as you start with the right foundations and support in place.

Your book must have a hook and stand out from everything else already written. What do you do differently from everyone else? How can you get this across in your book?

You need to intimately know your ideal reader – their deepest fears and hopes for their future, and how your book will help them. Then have them in mind whilst you’re writing, so that you answer their biggest challenge and show them the next steps.

You have to share your best stuff. Give your reader suggestions, share ideas and, of course, tell them how you can help them further if they’re ready for additional support.

It’s important to produce a high-quality product that reflects your brand and helps you to stand out for all the right reasons.

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