Author Spotlight interview with Dr Carol Samuel

The start of the pandemic last year prompted many people to decide to write a book and today’s featured author is one of these.

After her book had sat in her head for the best part of 10 years, Dr Carol Samuel made the decision to write her book, The Tenacious Student. At the same time, she was introduced to me through one of my former clients and started to work through the Smart Author System.

This programme gave her the tools to sort all of her writing and notes into the framework for the book, and she had the space to process her ideas and put pen to paper. 12 months later, she successfully finished and launched her book.

My colleague, Sheryl Andrews, recently interviewed Carol to find out about her new book and what she learnt on her journey. You can watch it below or click to listen to the audio.

Here are some of the biggest insights.

I love how writing her book gave Carol the confidence to write again. After struggling with her PhD, which was the focus of The Tenacious Student, she used her book to share her story and experiences with others. Part memoir, part science, it brings together her research to educate and inspire others. Through writing her book, she found her voice, which was a far cry from the academic style that she used for her studies.

Whilst she was writing her book, she followed my advice and took her prospective readers on the journey with her. This meant that she was compelled to write and finish it, because she knew they were waiting for it. It also helped her with the initial marketing and enabled her to get 150 pre-orders before it was published.

A few months after publishing her book, Carol has had so many heart-warming reviews and comments about her book. There is something special that happens when you can use your most difficult moments to help other people, and the recognition that comes when you can proudly say that you are a published author.

I highly recommend that you get a copy of Carol Samuel’s book, which is available on Amazon, all good bookstores and via her website. And I hope it inspires you to write your book too.

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  1. Linda Whitehill on 22nd November 2021 at 2:21 pm

    I loved this interview! Felt so much like Carol. Not supported, but probably I am. People think it will never happen! Also the marketing. I have tried asking many people on Liver Trust group. I belong to. But only 2 replied.Doctors do not want to know; or my consultant. I have told them I am writing a book. I would love to talk on this at their conference. Nothing! I believe because only 1 in 10,000 in the uk have Autoimmune Hepatitis there is no research of distinction on it. Medication is steroids used for any inflammation and Not specific for AIH. I feel like Carol people don’t really want my input if professional. Even GP had never heard of it! Two years to get diagnosed. So my book will come out, with Karen’s expert help.

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