Author Spotlight interview with James Morehen

When James Morehen decided to write his book, The Performance Nutritionist, before he spent time and energy creating it, he wanted to find out that people wanted to read it.

But he had a strong hypothesis.

He had identified that there are 3000 nutrition graduates each year. However, there are only a hundred or so jobs available in high-profile sports like football and rugby. So, he knew that these graduates needed to know how to stand out if they are to be successful.

His plan was to interview 10 nutritionists at the top of their game to create the content for the book.

To test the concept, he started to use his contacts and social media connections to identify that there was a market for his book.

He took the time to find out what they wanted to know, which informed the questions he asked in the interviews. He also approached universities and colleges, who were also interested in stocking his book for their students.

Whilst writing it, he used Instagram and LinkedIn to engage with his prospective readers and created a buzz throughout the process.

260 people told him that they wanted to buy a copy and read it way in advance of publishing.

As he approached the finish line, James created a pre-sales page on his website to encourage people to purchase it in advance.

He also applied a ninja marketing technique.

By teaming with complementary companies in the nutrition arena, he created a prize draw worth £7,000 to encourage people to pre-order his book.

This came with the proviso that they needed to order the book on his website, then once they received their copy, they shared a photo of them with his book on social media, tag two of their friends who may be interested (and him), to be in with a chance of winning the prize.

And (if the photos of James annoying his local post office were anything to go by), he well and truly met his target of 200+ pre-orders at his launch!

James is now using the success of his first book to approach high profile nutritionists across the world to contribute to his second. He is applying what he’s learnt from working from me during this first book, which will make it easier and quicker to get it done.

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You can watch the James Morehen’s interview with Sheryl Andrews below or click to listen to the audio.

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