Author Spotlight interview with Richard Brook

Richard Brook describes his author’s journey like taking a massive weight off his mind.

In this Author Spotlight interview with Sheryl Andrews, he shares his book writing journey and how writing his book has helped him to fulfil his creative destiny.

He gives examples of how it has helped to increase his credibility. And why his self-confidence and authority has changed as a result of his book being published.

You can watch the interview below or click to listen to the audio.

Here are some of the insights from Richard Brook’s interview

Richard started writing as a response to an essay and shared it with a group of people who attended a yoga workshop with him. Although it was another six or seven years before it became a book, he realised that he had a goldmine of information that had to come out.

Here are his key insights as he wrote Understanding Human Nature.

Make space and time for the wisdom to come through you…

To help him to get the information out, he had to create space to make it happen. In the interview he describes this as turning on a tap. A force builds up and there is something bursting to get out.

Ask for help…

But he realised that he needed some help to do this, which is when he was introduced to me. As he had loads of information but didn’t know how to turn it into book form. By this time, he’d wasted lots of time trying to work out what to do and knew he couldn’t do it by himself.

Be persistent…

There are times when Richard found that the book took longer than he wanted, and even now there are a million and one things to do to keep promoting the book. But Richard has shown persistence and determination in getting his book published and it will continue to open doors.

And finally…

Like many clients, Richard found that the act of writing his book helped him to clarify his message and distil what he wanted to say into a nutshell. He had lots of new insights as he was writing it.

When asked why he wrote the book, Richard shares how it has made what he talks about more accessible and the joy he feels when people buy his book. He knows that they are walking away with significant knowledge that they can use.

I love Richard’s final piece of advice: If you are sitting on a burning desire to write a book, get help, and have confidence and faith you can get it done.

You can find out more about Richard’s book here.

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