Author Spotlight interview with Mark Billage

When Mark Billage started writing his book last year, there were a couple of questions that went through his mind:

Have I got something to say?

Can I write a book?

In the latest Author Spotlight interview, Mark talks to Sheryl about his voyage of discovery, and I’m pleased to say that the answer to both questions was yes!

Mark published I See You, a book for leaders, in September 2021. He wrote his book because he was tired of hearing how many people don’t like going to work, and he wanted to give leaders the tools to ensure their teams would thrive.

You can watch the interview here or click to listen to the recording.

Mark Billage’s biggest book writing discoveries

Like many of our interviewees, Mark’s biggest insight was the benefit of having a plan. When starting to write a book, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And although it took him a while to pull together his plan, by going into the detail, he was actually able to write his book in just over a month.

Spending a day with me on a Make It Happen day helped to crystalise his thinking and we worked together to do my infamous post-it note exercise to get the ideas out of his head and down onto paper.

He also shared how the editing process enabled him to ensure his book was the best it could be and it’s already getting great feedback from his readers and clients!

You can get your copy of Mark Billage’s book here.

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