Author Spotlight interview with Nasser Abouzakhar

Nasser Abouzakhar says that writing a book is like reaching the top of a high mountain like Kilimanjaro after a pleasant and challenging journey…

In this Author Spotlight interview, Nasser talks to Sheryl Andrews about the highs and lows of his book writing journey, and how the climb was worth it. His book Real Estate Management was published in July 2021.

You can watch the interview here or click to listen to the recording.

Three key lessons from Nasser Abouzakhar

Here are three key things that Nasser learnt from his journey.

1. Nasser talks about the value of taking time to understand the process before you start to write your book. And he recommends seeking advice from an expert – like me – if you don’t know what to do and when.

Having support and help enabled Nasser to develop the right structure for his book, then he found the right peer reviewers to give feedback and help to choose the title. He shared his proposed cover with his family and ideal readers to ensure that it stood out.

2. He shared the realisation that the book can be developed further after it has been published as real estate management is a wide subject. There can be second editions and this should not stop you from getting your book finished and published.

3. And knowing your why – why you are writing your book – will keep you motivated during challenging times.

Writing a book for Nasser was a rewarding activity and learning experience.

You can find out more about Nasser Abouzakhar’s book here.

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